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Carbon Trust funded Refit.

Over 5 years Stan Robinsons will save over £200K on energy and maintenance costs.
The projected savings that will be achieved are a little over £43,000 P.A. offering a payback of 3.1 years On the Carbon Trust Loan.
Projected reduction of their energy costs is approximately 63% and a reduction their annual C02 emissions from over 467 tonnes to just 171 tonnes, emphasising how our LED High Bay lights help companies reduce their carbon emissions.
In addition, Digiland managed to increase lux levels to meet and exceed health and safety requirements and have enhanced the colour rendering within the warehouses making a more pleasant working environment.
Digiland also assisted in arranging financial support through the Carbon Trust


Stan Robinson Limited a large network pallet family run business based in Staffordshire, is one of the UK’s leading family owned logistics companies. Following a review of lighting in the existing 200,000 sq ft warehouse facility, they contacted Digiland to determine what options were available. As a result of a detailed on site survey Digiland recommended a solution that included the installation of LED lighting and sensors.

The company has a number of warehouse units which were burning many 250W and 400W Metal Halide lamps. Digiland completed a full site survey which measured current light levels and offered a point for point replacement with high energy saving LED High Bays. Digiland offers a High Bay BL115W which is specifically designed to replace a 250W Metal Halide and emits a powerful 11,500 lumens – higher than most competitors and it’s sister product the High Bay BL175W was manufactured to directly replace a 400W Metal Halide lamp with an is impressive output of 17,500 lumens.


To complete the installation we worked with a Shropshire based local contractor and the cost of the project including installation was approximately £133,000. To make this project even more favourable to Stan Robinsons Group all funds were provided by the Siemens financial services through a Carbon Trust loan – therefore, no initial investment was required and their monthly savings on energy were far greater than their monthly repayments so an immediate positive cash flow was achieved.

Stan Robinsons made the below comments:
“The improvement in lighting is noticeable and has been achieved with a significant reduction in electricity consumption”
“We are delighted by the what Digiland has helped Stan Robinson to achieve and are now looking at other facilities within the group”. Peter Ulleri Project Manager on behalf of Stan Robinson Limited

Stan Robinson, company we worked with

Stan Robinson

The improvement in lighting is noticeable and has been achieved with a significant reduction in electricity consumption

Project Manager, Peter Ulleri ,Stan Robinson