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Energy reduced by 1/3

Reduced electricity cost from £9000 to £3000 per annum.


Wrekin Sheetmetal is a premier Sheetmetal fabrication company who can meet all punch, fold, weld and finish requirements. They work primarily with mild steel, stainless steel, galvanised and zinc coated steel and aluminium..

Wrekin Sheetmetal had 72 x 400W Metal Halide lamps fitted and were paying over £9000 a year on just their lighting.


Digiland have since replaced these Halide Lamps with LED lighting 175W LED High Bays and in converting to this reduced to just over £3000, a third of the original cost.


conducting our own investigation in to the running costs and quality of our factory floor lighting we decided improvements could be made, we invited lighting specialists to visit Wrekin Sheetmetal to survey our current status and future requirements
Simon Orpe, Sales Director
Wrekin Sheetmetal Ltd, company we worked with

Wrekin Sheetmetal Ltd

We have received a very high standard of service from beginning to end and now having improved our energy efficiency, we also have vastly improved lighting on our factory floor

Sales Director, Simon Orpe ,Wrekin Sheetmetal Ltd