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Digiland wins tender to supply LED lighting for Dudley college campus

Digiland has been awarded a tender for Dudley college to convert all of their internal lighting to energy efficient LED�s.


The project which was awarded to Digiland just before Christmas 2015 was completed in partnership with Chambers Electrical, based in Wolverhampton. The installation was completed in just under 3 months with minimal disruption to classes at the college. The existing lighting was predominantly fluorescent tube based lighting, with metal halide fittings in the gymnasium. There were over 2700 fluorescent tubes in the building and Digiland replaced the majority with LED flat panels. The remainder (895 tubes) were replaced with Samsung plug and play LED tubes which simply fitted in to the existing fitting without any re-wiring, speeding up installation and keeping project costs down.


The effect has been dramatic on both the quality of the light and the cost savings. Converting to LED technology has reduced the college spend on lighting by over 50% and now ongoing maintenance costs are lower too. The lighting will last for 10 - 15 years without the need to change any more lamps, freeing up the on-site maintenance team to concentrate on the up-keep of other building services.


The college are delighted with their new lighting and are looking to refit further sites throughout 2016 and 2017 with the help of Digiland LED.
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