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Complete lighting replacement.

Load was reduced from 4.6kW to 2.4kW.
Carbon emissions were reduced from 6.52 to 3.37 Tones per year.
Planned maintenance for the next five years was reduced to nil.


The current lighting system consisted of a mixture of fittings housing five foot and six foot fluorescent lamps that had depreciated badly due to lack of maintenance.

CPL printers challenged Digiland to provide a lighting solution which:

  1. Improved light levels,
  2. Reduced energy bills,
  3. Reduced maintenance costs,
  4. Reduced Carbon emissions
  5. Change the colour appearance from 4000 Kelvins to over 5,000 Kelvins.



The agreed solution was to install a whole new lighting system. After consulting internally with our design team we proposed a solution to CPL to replace all of the fluorescent fittings with our Digiland Hi Bay fitting housing a mixture of 115W and 175W lamps.

Digiland worked with CPL to both supply and install the new lighting system and significant savings were achieved.


CPL are delighted with the service that Digiland LED has provided as all of the desired criteria were met and we are pleased to be chosen as their new lighting solutions provider.

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