Leasing Options Overview

Carbon Trust financing

Digiland LED, working in partnership with the Carbon Trust and Siemens financial services are offering financing options to all types of organisations who have been trading for more than 36 months and wish to take advantage of reduced energy costs with LED lighting from Digiland. Our efficient LED lighting offers excellent cost savings on their energy bills with financing payments calculated so that they can be offset by the anticipated energy savings. As a result the financing option is designed to pay for itself. The independent carbon saving assessment is undertaken by Carbon Trust Implementation Services while the financing is provided by Siemens Financial Services.

Energy Efficiency Financing could help you to save money, reduce your energy costs and ultimately become greener. There are a number of affordable financing options available from Siemens Financial Services which can deliver increased energy savings and earnings from the very beginning.

Energy Efficiency Financing gives businesses an affordable means to invest in energy saving equipment straight away, with no additional cost because the energy savings pay for the new equipment.

By uniquely combining specialist equipment financing from Siemens with the expertise of the Carbon Trust, Energy Efficiency Financing provides an extra line of finance additional to your usual banking arrangements which is especially important when businesses are looking at new ways to save money.

Energy Efficiency Financing includes a Carbon Trust energy saving assessment as a matter of course, giving you the peace of mind that the equipment will deliver the energy savings you expect. With the quality of Digiland LED’s products and financing provided by Siemens, you have the reassurance of working with partners you can trust.

Businesses who install more energy efficient technology with Energy Efficiency Financing often also find that our lighting increases productivity, delivering energy savings and increased earnings.

A growing number of businesses are discovering that with Energy Efficiency Financing, they can afford new equipment, and with the savings they become cash positive right from the start.

For more information, please contact one of the Digiland LED sales team and we will be happy to discuss financing options and show you the benefits making the change to LED lighting can do for your business.