Why LED?

Advantages of LED Lighting

Our LED lighting is a revolutionary, low carbon, green growth technology that improves living and working environments and promotes sustainable living. Customers can save on electricity costs due to the high energy efficiency of LED lighting. The use of LED’s has the added benefit of lowering maintenance costs because longer life expectancies equate to a much greater time between replacement cycles. Additionally, customers can save up to 85% in the cost of power in comparison to conventional lighting.

Eco-friendlily LED lighting doesn’t contain toxic materials such as mercury (Hg) or emit harmful radiation such as infrared and ultraviolent rays.

The wide range of coloured LED lighting allows for flexible colour mixing and brightness control which results in wide range of vivid and natural colours.

The Smart LED Lighting Management System (LMS) allows customisable options which regulate hue, colour temperature and control over which lights are operating and when. The LMS provides convenience and luxury in our everyday lives by combining home networking, intelligent building systems (IBS), energy management systems (EMS) and emotional lighting.

The compact design of the LED lighting allows for flexibility in relation to size and weight. Designers can therefore create smaller and more lightweight lights resulting in unlimited, inventive possibilities in design.